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mr&mrs rudd/st augustine wedding photographer/the noyes museum/long beach island, nj

Hold on tight for citrus with style…From the bride & groom to the wedding party, and the dancing to decor, everything about this wedding is F-U-N. Steve and Tara are super adorable together; a gamer and a graphic designer with two sets of hipster glasses. I ask you: what is not to love?

Ryland and I had the pleasure of shaking our hips next to the soon-to-be Rudd’s in ballroom dance class during our short new jersey citizenship of 2012. Yeah. that happened. Anyway, Steve and Tara ended up being so much better than us at salsa that we had to quit. (Actually, the truth is—I was pregnant with Oakley and my belly got so big, it was obstructing our dancing skills… but let’s let them think it’s the first reason.) Nevertheless, before we moved on to parenthood, a secret moment happened that I will never forget. Steve sat on his motorcycle in the church parking lot after dance class showing off a gorgeous rock to Ryland and I just one or two days before popping the question. I felt so special to be “let in” on the excitement. It is like being back stage before the show. And I loved witnessing that secret sparkle in his eyes- he liked it and he was gonna put a ring on it…

And that right there, is what stands out to me about steve and tara. through both sets of those hipster glasses, you can plainly see the sparkle in their eyes for one another. The Rudd’s treasure God and each other deeply-like magnets that found the other side, you just can’t imagine a world where they don’t belong together.

Feast your eyes on this cocktail of “I-took-way-too-many-portraits” and “wow-how-do-those-people-have-such-amazing-style?” and “now-i-want-another-tattoo”…IMG_9198pintopinterestIMG_1674pintopinterestIMG_9204pintopinterestIMG_1881pintopinterestIMG_1895pintopinterestIMG_1892pintopinterestIMG_1949 copypintopinterestIMG_1936pintopinterestIMG_1835pintopinterestIMG_1879pintopinterestIMG_2025 copypintopinterestIMG_2071 copypintopinterestIMG_2047pintopinterestIMG_2167pintopinterestIMG_2207pintopinterestIMG_2462pintopinterestIMG_9517pintopinterestIMG_9609 copypintopinterestIMG_9512pintopinterestIMG_2531pintopinterestIMG_9706 copypintopinterestIMG_9731pintopinterestIMG_2579pintopinterestIMG_2582pintopinterestIMG_2601pintopinterestIMG_2631pintopinterestIMG_2727pintopinterestIMG_2781pintopinterestIMG_9725pintopinterestIMG_9744pintopinterestIMG_9756pintopinterestIMG_9765pintopinterestWhile you are here, you might as well check out some other amazing love stories :) grab some convive coffee, put your feet up, and click below!

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